Our Culture

We provide effective treatment and exercise programs to our clients.

We are passionate about offering the best wellness experience possible.

Our values are what make us who we are!

We focus on healing each client and meeting their health goals through personalized care.

As a team, we provide healing through healthcare, education, mentorship, excellent service provision and contributing to clinical and peer success.

We prioritize your health!



Holistic healing and collaboration

We offer the best wellness experience possible and heal our clients as a whole person. Pain and dysfunction can cause frustration and lifestyle change. Our clients rely on us as a team of healthcare providers to listen, provide excellent treatment, and collaborate for the best client outcomes.

Questions to ask yourself

Did I meet the priorities and expectations of my client?

Am I collaborating effectively to provide the best outcome for my client?

Empowerment through education and goals

We provide goals, education and home care to empower our clients in their continued rehabilitation and support them in healthy movement. We empower our clients to make healthy and impactful changes to their movement and strength to prevent future injury and dysfunction. We provide our staff with mentorship and career development opportunities to empower our staff to become the best healthcare practitioners they can be.

Questions to ask yourself

Is this the best outcome for the client?

Am I providing the client with the information they need?

Act with integrity and professionalism at all times

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all our interactions, ensuring honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. This high standard of integrity and professionalism creates a safe space for clients to heal and speak freely about their health and provides our staff with a safe workplace to reach their full potential as healthcare practitioners.


Questions to ask yourself

In my interactions with clients and colleagues, am I honest, respectful and transparent?

Am I maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy at all times?

Lead and Innovate within the Workforce

We encourage leadership and innovation among our staff, empowering them to explore new ideas and approaches to pain management and clinical skills. We provide a space for staff to develop workshops for the community and other clinicians and pursue career development opportunities.


Questions to ask yourself

Am I actively seeking opportunities to innovate and improve processes within the clinic?

Am I demonstrating leadership by sharing knowledge and supporting other staff in their professional growth?

Transparent Communication

We value open and transparent communication, ensuring clarity and understanding in all our interactions with clients and staff members. 


Questions to ask yourself

Am I communicating information to clients and staff clearly and understandably?

Am I actively listening to clients and staff and addressing any questions or concerns honestly and transparently?

Have Respect for Each Other, Our Clients, and Our Workspace

We foster a culture of respect and dignity, treating clients, colleagues, and our workspace with respect, kindness, empathy, and consideration.


Questions to ask yourself

Am I treating clients, colleagues, and the workspace respectfully and with consideration?

Am I fostering a positive and supportive environment by acknowledging and valuing the contributions of others?

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