Manual Osteopathy in the Glebe, Ottawa

Repair your body. Recharge your function. Support your wellness.

Repair structure and function. Your elevated Osteopathy experience in the Glebe, Ottawa.

We focus on understanding your health goals and offer specialized programs and osteopathy treatments to help our clients achieve their health goals. You can experience manual osteopathy treatment at our leading osteopathy centre in the Glebe, Ottawa.

Your Manual Osteopath will help you repair your structure, recover from pain and recharge your function. Your clinician will empower you to progress toward your goals and focus on strength, structural alignment and pain management to address your health holistically.

Our clinicians are passionate about offering the best wellness experience possible. We specialize in treating a wide range of conditions and focus on finding and treating the cause of your pain.

TMJ Dysfunction

Joint Pain

Neck Tension

Back Pain


Frozen Shoulder

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Imagine your life free from the limits of pain.

Our Treatment Process

Health Conversation and Assessment

Your manual osteopath will review your health history, concerns, pain points, goals and any questions you may have. They will guide you through an assessment using movement, strength testing and palpation to uncover the cause of your pain.

Hands-On Treatment

Your Manual Osteopath will provide individual hands-on treatment to improve your symptoms immediately and progress toward your health goals. We take your time to heart, working directly with you for your entire treatment to provide the best wellness experience possible.

Your Personalized Care Plan

Build and review your personalized care plan with your clinician. We provide you with a custom plan designed specifically for you. This plan will include recommended therapy, types of treatment, and any home care items.

Our reception team will assist with scheduling appointments at times convenient for you.

Attend Your Personalized Appointments

We will guide you through your care plan and hold you accountable to reaching your health goals. We monitor your progress throughout and adjust your plan if needed.

You will also have access to our dedicated care team and yoga studio for support.

Sustained Results

Your personalized care plan will include home care and exercises that strengthen your body to prevent future injuries. Our team is here to support and maintain your health goals.

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We understand your unique needs and create custom treatment plans tailored to your condition and goals. Are you ready to repair, relax, and recharge your body?